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Here are our answers to the top frequently asked questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

How do you meditate in the center
and what instructions or introductions do you offer?

At the beginning you can receive an introduction to meditation and the possible meditation postures or positions if you wish.

Any meditation guidance in the meditation sessions is based on the requirements of the guests. The instructions vary and can initially be the classic well-known Buddhist-influenced meditations (focus, mindfulness, witnessing, body scan, metta, etc.). At the latest in the course of the retreat, we will also introduce other forms of meditation, such as chakra meditations, which lead deeper into different energy centers or are suitable for leading to deep inner experiences. The instructions always end in silence, in which everyone pursues the respective meditation or practices their own chosen meditation.

You can always practice your own meditation, deep relaxation or prayer in silence (please without headphones, because one can always hear it). In this case you can just disregard the instructions given for the other participants as "background noise".

Antje and Maria love silent meditations the most, and personally prefer to practice a certain form of heart meditation that leads to deep trance states.

What corona regulations apply in the house?

With regard to the Corona regulations, we adhere to the legal requirements that apply in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. These have been changing regularly.

At the bottom of the Concept page you will find an info box about the currently applicable regulations and arrival conditions.

What is the daily structure of the retreats?

On the day of arrival, we usually have a one-on-one meeting in which we discuss what questions or topics are most relevant for your retreat and how we can best support you.

In this conversation we also discuss a possible daily schedule. We have a suggested daily schedule that has worked for many retreat guests. However, this is only a suggestion and depending on the goal of your retreat you can deviate partially or completely from it. In any case, you are free to design your retreat according to your own ideas.

Only the starting times for the group meditations in the morning at 7 a.m. and in the evening between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. (depending on the season) are fixed. Participation in these sessions is welcome but always optional. 

The length of the meditations will be decided by each person individually.

What does "food for self-preparation" mean?

When staying for a retreat, each participant is responsible for their own food preparation.

This is either done individually, or guests can also join together in a group.

We provide a wide variety of organic vegetarian food on the shelves of the community kitchen. This is the most effective way to address the many different food preferences and possible intolerances.

What does the individual retreat supervision consist of?

The individual supervision starts with an initial meeting on the day of arrival, in which we discuss the goals/wishes/needs for your retreat.

In this meeting we also discuss a possible daily schedule (see above). 

It is also possible to have one-on-one conversations up to once a day during the retreat. In these one-to-one conversations, we can talk about your process during the retreat, meditation experiences or other questions that you may not be able to deal with on your own. Such conversations might be helpful for beginners as well as experienced retreatees.

Can I spend the retreat as a silent retreat?

Of course, you can spend the retreat as a silent retreat. It's always quiet in the house, but other guests and we as hosts will talk a little. Many guests have one day of silence per week.

If you want to do a silent retreat for the entire length of stay, we recommend that we have a short, 5-10 minute, daily conversation to accompany the silent retreat. Experience has shown that this can often be very helpful.

Ultimately, however, this is just a suggestion on our part, which you do not have to follow.

In any case, we would have an initial talk on the day of arrival.

Are the large duplex rooms solely for myself when I book them?

All rooms in the center are always booked as single rooms (unless you book the room directly as a couple or for two people).

How many people usually take part in the retreats?

A maximum of 8 people will take part in the retreats, mostly with different arrival days.

Antje and Maria are, of course, also present in the center as hosts.

Who is eligible for unemployed retreat pricing?

If you have little income and little financial means, you are welcome to book the retreat price for the unemployed. We do not check this and you do not have to submit any proof.

However, we trust on honest self-assessment as we earn nothing from participants choosing the unemployed retreat prices.

Do you offer yoga?

We do not offer yoga. However, there are enough yoga mats if you want to do yoga.
Oftentimes, some of the guests do practice yoga and you might be able to team up.

I was about to book and the booking process was interrupted. At the moment, the room can no longer be booked. 
Is the room still available?

If the booking process has been interrupted, the system blocks the room for 30 minutes. After that, the booking is possible again.

How do I get to you by public transport?

You can get to Little Paradise from Hamburg Central Station or Hamburg Airport within an hour. See the Contact page at the bottom for a full description.