in RETREAT Center

outside Hamburg, Germany

We believe that everybody needs "sacred places"

where the veils are thinner,

where the atmosphere supports and nourishes,

and where wonder, magic and the Divine remain present.

We need these places for inward looking, reconnection and deepening of oneself,

such that each of us may find and walk the path that is distinctly ours.

We try to hold Little Paradise as an energetic "sacred place" - for us and all our guests

combining spiritual practice, community, nature, and simplicity of living

inviting guests from all backgrounds and all countries.

In this spirit, we accompany our guests through deep transformational processes

or - according to your demand - just provide this room and space.

You are invited to use this place for your replenishment and inner alignment,

and to participate in witnessing and inviting wonder and the Divine in(to) this world.

Little Paradise

is a 
Retreat Centre Meditation Centre

outside Hamburg, Germany.

We offer the following booking options:

You can just book a room
for a personal timeout.

We also organize individual retreats

that offer an additional set of services.

As a Seminar Centre, we occasionally provide space for spiritual events.

Usual topics of such events are:

Meditation, retreat, yoga, spirituality, self-development, spiritual healing, and mysticism.


Do you need a relaxing timeout, a spiritual retreat or meditation holiday to find inner peace, silence, or tranquility? 

Or do you need to reconnect to nature and regain strength, focus, and clarity? 

Or are you just in search of a beautiful place to spend some time reflecting, contemplating, or finding yourself?

If any of this is the case, Little Paradise was designed for people like you in mind. 



We also call our offers "monastery light".

As we live the focus on the inner in the community of the house.

We love to meditate a couple of hours, daily.

Participation in all our meditations is always open and free of charge for all guests and visitors.



This rustic country house offers the best conditions for those searching for a meaningful pause.



Retreat, relax, read, write, meditate, find inner peace and stillness - do as you prefer.



We strive to make this center feel like home. People interested in spiritual holidays or even monastic vacations enjoy this space, likewise.



Enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in our meditation room, the garden, at the pond, and throughout the property. 


The home is a private guesthouse.

You can book a guestroom, a vacation rental, or an entire holiday apartment.

Although we offer private accommodation,  

we are no hotel, pension or B&B;

all holiday rooms are 

equipped for self-supply.

Long-term rental is possible.



Feel at home. 

Enjoy pleasant meals with the group and

exchange ideas with like-minded people.


Make friends with the cats of the house.


If you stay with us, let us create a space together

where depth, cordiality and mental clarity prevail.


Do you prefer to be completely undisturbed?

Of course, this too is possible with us.

A large meditation room with a fireplace, a cozy, well-equipped kitchen* and an idyllic garden with terrace and garden pond all invite you to pause and dwell.


The small library of spiritual books is another great place to lounge and retreat in the



* The main kitchen is vegan/vegetarian. 

There is another small kitchen where meat

and fish may be prepared.



  • Scenic view of the nature reserve & lake

  • Large population of large and rare birds

  • Enchanted permaculture garden

  • Ecological construction of the house

  • Organic vegetarian lifestyle

  • Fields, forests, meadows, and lakes all around

  • Daily group meditation sessions (optional)

  • No TV in the house*

* Free high-speed WLAN/WiFi available


Little Paradise is located in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. The specific region is a touristic area outside of Hamburg, well-known for its numerous lakes and lush landscape.


Also relish culinary pleasures! -- For example in one of four lakeside restaurants in our vicinity.



If you want to combine your business travel with a personal focus according to the purpose of the house

you are very welcome to stay with us in this retreat house.


Yet, we do not offer guest rooms for people who seek accommodations solely for business travels.

Do you need a timeout?
(just accommodation)

Or do you want a retreat

with personal supervision?

Or do you want to be contacted by us?

Little Paradise, Krütz 2, 22955 Hoisdorf  bei Hamburg 

Stormarn, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland (Germany, Europe)

Phone: +49 4107 3399 887, Fax: +49 911 30844 73373, Email: Info@LittleParadise.de


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